Where Is Everyone?
  • Been a bit quiet in the forum the last couple of days.
    More life at a cemetary :blink:
    Anyone out there?
  • Been pretty busy lately. I just took my chemistry final last week, which I passed by the way. Now I have this week off from school, but the regular fall semester starts on Monday <_<
  • I'm here Jay! Guess you and I will have to hold the fort while the rest are gone!

    I noticed it too. I think it's just that time... people on vacation, winding up summer, preparing for back to school, stuff like that. Things will pick up soon, I hope?!

    You know who's been missing for some time.... Rex. Rexy baby, where the heck are ya?!

  • I wish Rex, A-J, and Laharl would come back.
  • Been mega busy - Busy at work with people off on hols - been away for sad things and happy things - and i have my HUGE exam on the 8th September - My whole career rests on me passing this baby so ive been working extra hard revising - and getting all my coursework sent out before the final dates are due. need to have my certificates in my hand for the big pay debate come october.

    So ive been in and out prolly everyday but never get chance to spend much time on here :(
  • I've been dropping in for a quick look- been back to work the last couple of weeks which really cuts into the free time.
  • Jay, I'm here!!

    Everyone is pretty much gone because they either are on vacation or are mega busy from work.
    I am finally on a two day break from work so I'm enjoying it by sleeping and going to amusement parks!! :D

    I haven't really had much to say as of lately though.
    Even my blogs have become rather short. :blink:
  • WOW!!!!! I am AMAZED. I actually got quite a few responses. :blink: Good to know people are STILL around, even if they ain't posting :clap:
    Hope everyone's having a good time doing whatever it is you're doing.
    Try to get on here when you get some spare time, k?
    Charger and I will keep it going, even if we have to do it single handedly, or double handedly due to the fact there's two of us :wacko:
  • My internet modem went bad last tuesday the 8th. Got a new modem yesterday.

    Finally my daughter went back to school. Now she won't be so bored.

    Not awhole lot goes on here. I still have the horrible monsoons thou. Everyone have a great day. :)
  • Yes, I am still alive!! first my hard drive crashed so I got that fixed,then my boss went on vacation so I had to hold down the fort at work,and now my mom is here and is glued to my puter. John is at work so I'm using his just so I could pop in and let you all know I'm still alive.

    I'm really hoping that my mother is going to leave today or I'm going to have to scream at her and tell her to get her own DARN computer!!!!! Well, I gots to go check on somethings around the sight and then head out so hope to talk to ya all abit later.
  • It has been a busy time. Spent a week at summer camp, rebuilt the back fence, resurfaced the back deck and put down laminate flooring in half the house. Both of the children helped out too (as much as they can for their age). We took them out to the waterslides yesterday as a little celebration of getting all these jobs done. The kids and I can spend way too much time sitting in front of various screens so the wife kicks our backsides outdoors to keep it a little bit real. She calls them non-electrical days. See you all in the forums. Regards,
  • got loads of work to do inside and outside the house at the moment, but will be back as soon as possible.

    The problem is... if I sit down on my computer all of a sudden 4 hours dissapears, so I am trying to be really strict on myself. The quicker the work is done, the quicker I can get back here full time.
  • Well i just didnt know the site was back up and running :D

    Im here now to stick around :clap:
  • Greetings all!

    It is I Worfsonofmog........
    Sorry I havn't been around since APi got back up and running... :( I have had a lot of heavy :pooh: !! these last few months ( death in my close knit family, job lose....etc.. ) I havn't played any games in awail either.

    Just working on the ol house and drinking beer!

    I am waiting for PS3 to come out so I can be first in line to get mine.

    I will try to show up more often if I am up to it.... :o

  • Our resident Klingon is back at last! Good to see you with us again. :59:

    Sounds like it's been a rough couple of years since last seeing you- hope things are on the upswing again.

  • im still here Ive just been so busy with work and college but i always scan the forums and play a game or 2 ;)
  • I too am still around :D Crappy internet and holidays etc... have tried to keep me away but things are calming down a bit now so more time to surf and chat! Hope everybody had a great summer!! :clap:
  • ive been at uni....or else playing games :P havnt really had the time between that (im still here :P)
  • Thought I'd drop a note to let you know that since I have moved to the other side of the country and doing my master thesis (which means working to impress a potential future employer aswell) I am note free to use my mind nor my time as I've been used to. I have no idea how often I'll be able to contribute to this place at the time being or in the future when I will be starting a real life job, but ya'll keep checking in reguraly and you will find out. :D
  • Sooooooo very much going on friends, my whole life is kind of one massive mosh pit (figuratively not actually, I wish!) at the moment so I havent been around as much as I would like. Hope to catch up with you all soon!
  • Hi Everyone!

    I stopped by to check in with you all!
    I have been out of work for over a week now and I am starting to get kinda bored .... Just doing stuff around the house..... Started a new game of Godfather... had some dental surgery last week and will get the stiches out tomorrow.... Ouch! yes i am in a lot of Pain...... the codine just ain't doing for me :-(

    Sorry to bore you all.... see ya later.............

    Worfsonofmog, in pain..........
  • Worf!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your stitches, but I'm sure glad to see that you found your way back. I've been busy like the one-legged man in the ass kicking contest for the past weeks, so I haven't been around here much, either.
  • I miss my APi Mom. Speedie where are you???

    I haven't had any decent chocolate chip cookies since you left :(
  • No SpeedDemon! She's MY APi mommy!!:p

    I miss her too though.
    I even still miss that Theve guy.

    Where are you guys???:(
  • Last time i spoke to susan she is in the middle of rennovating her house! Must be keeping her busy

    and i had a text off matt the other day - he's busy with life and such.

    Ive had a mad few days and next week isnt gona be much better!! I got Nip/Tuck season 3 on DVD and my name is earl so have been spendin a lot of time watching that. Also with it being October and Breast Cancer Month we've been doing big things at work. My boss had breast cancer and she has organsied a huge charity event on saturday night at hetton. (
  • Jane S STAFF said:
    and i had a text off matt the other day - he's busy with life and such.

    Life doesn't get in the way of Theve and I;). Just kidding. I still miss toying with him.

    Actually, I miss a lot of the vets. Wonder why they haven't come home yet.:confused:
  • Quite a few may have changed e-mails in the time of the shutdown and never did get the site relaunch news. Then again, some may not even be into the gaming any more and have moved on. Too many possible reasons to list. Would be good to see them back though.
  • I have been stupid busy with work lately but all that is about to change. I handed in my resignation yesterday and have accepted an offer with another company. In three weeks I start my new job as a Sales Representative with Pestell Minerals and Ingredients. Here is a quote from their website...

    Pestell Minerals & Ingredients

    Pestell Minerals & Ingredients has been a reliable source of quality trace minerals, feed ingredients and bird seed for the animal feed and fertilizer manufacturers for over 30 years. Our customers have learned they can count on us for a consistent, high quality product and timely delivery.
    Our broad base of domestic and international suppliers allows us to offer an extensive variety of trace minerals (such as copper sulfate, cobalt carbonate/sulfate, manganese and zinc sulfate), feed ingredients and bird seed to feed and premix manufacturers, as well as supplying fertilizer micros and secondaries to fertilizer blenders. And of course, all warehouses and manufacturing facilities are strategically located to ensure efficient and cost effective delivery across North America.
    Combine this with our unwavering commitment to customer service, and it's not difficult to understand how Pestell Minerals & Ingredients has grown to become the largest distributor of trace minerals and feed ingredients in Canada.
    We want to be your source for trace minerals, feed ingredients and bird seed. We believe our product scope, distribution capabilities and customer service will give you peace of mind in knowing you're going to get what you need, when you need it.
    That is the division I will be working for. They also have a transportation division, shavings (for animal bedding), and pet products. Making more money, less hours and more room for advancement this was an opportunity I just could not refuse.
    Once my training is complete and I am established my territory will be Eastern Canada, maybe if I am out east meeting with customers we could hook up, Lynd!
    My old job just wasn't working out, I wasn't getting the money I felt I deserved and the constantly changing hours were causing a lot of stress in the home. I also reached as high as I felt I could go within the company. I loved my job but not all the bull:censored: that came with it. Plus in the past two and a half years we have gone through 5 different babysitters. Finding a good babysitter for an afternoon shift is not an easy task.
    So now that I am going to be working 8 to 5 - Monday to Friday I should have a lot more time to spend with the family and here.
    So in about three weeks expect to see me here a little more often.
  • Rex77 said:
    ...expect to see me here a little more often.

    Looking forward to it.
  • Rex77 said:
    I have been stupid busy with work lately but all that is about to change... So in about three weeks expect to see me here a little more often.

    It's about time! :clap: You've been missed.
  • I have been try too at least make a patrol around the site once in awhile trying to keep up on my spons-a-tilities here but work and life seem to see fit to not alot me more than that in my time frame.....:(

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