Gta Liberty City Stories
  • Being a GTA fan from GTA 2 on the PSX onwards, I was glad to see that Liberty City Stories has hit the PS2 after debuting on the PSP :clap: However my exitement was dampened after reading reviews baging the game for poor graphics, boring charecters and lacklusture storyline :(

    Is this game a worthwhile purchase on the PS2 or just a quick cash port over from the PSP with PSP graphics to match???
  • I can't speak to the PS2 version as I only have the PSP version but I imagine they are the same. I know the fact that it was set in Liberty City made the game easy to pick up because of familiarity with the city layout. Half the fun (or half the pain) is finding your way around a new city so it depends on what you like.

    As far as storylines go, it has politics, corruption, betrayal, infidelity, revenge and redemption among other things. I thought the storyline was fine but the storyline is not necessarily the only reason I enjoy GTA titles. The missions are what you'd expect from a GTA title and the addition of bikes adds a new dimension to Liberty City.

    The graphics look good enough on the PSP but I don't know how that would translate to the PS2. I would suggest a rental first, if that option is available to you, if you are still in doubt. From what I understand, LCS is value priced already so if you love GTA I don't see how you could go wrong buying it. Granted, it's not San Andreas, but it is GTA and that's enough for me.

    My view may be skewed for the simple reason that I just think it's awesome to walk around with a GTA title in my back pocket, ready to play at a moments notice. :59: A definite buy for the PSP.
  • Apparently you cant swim either on liberty stories!

    Ive played both but i dont own liberty stories and i have to say that San Andreas is a far far better game even though its older! I think Liberty Stories is the only GTA game that hasn't evolved from its predosecore; (however you spell it lol)

    The graphics arn't that bad but but then again, when was graphics the main issue of GTA! Its how much stuff you blow up and how many things you kill!

    But i would say stick with San Adreas even if you have completed it, because i dont rate the liberty stories that much!
  • I am currently playing LCS on the PS2 - Granted its not the step forward that SA was but it was designed for portable play so the missions are not as long and you dont have to drive for 30 minutes between them either!

    It gives you back story to some of the GTA III characters and its like going back to an old watering hole to drink -
    LCS a value title at the minute and altho' its the same thing with bikes added as III was its been 2 years since San Andreas and will be another year to GTA 4, but Vice City Stories is comming to the PSP soon and most likely the PS2 soon after -

    It may be a cash cow, but when did you last see a cash cow will a machine gun?
  • Thanks folks. At the end of the day this "cow" has been given a budget price to to reflect it's short comings and being a GTA fan, I'll end up buying the game anyway :punk: Just good to hear others opinions on the new GTA title.

  • I bought it simply because it's a GTA title and for $20 I couldn't say no. I enjoy it, alot of critics complain that it's too short, but alot of critics also say GOW is too short as well. The familliarity of the map is a give and take, there are no surprises but it's a flashback to something we played years ago so it's comfortable in a way.

    For the price, I have no complaints whatsoever.