Ive Just Realised The Sites Back!
  • I was a member here ages ago, if this is the same site :blink: but the site unfortunatly got shut down and has been in production for ages as i recall! Ive only just found out that the site is up and running again! Its a great look on the main pages and congratulations for that!

    I hope to get a PS3 in about a year after it comes out because there is absoloutly no way im going to be able to afford it at that price :crybaby:

    But hey anyway im hitman105!
  • Welcome back Hitman!

    This is the same site, just a different look! After a couple years being down, APi (now ACi) came back to life this past April. There are lots of changes but it's still the same great place!

    Looking forward to seeing you around the forums!
  • Wow - Welcome back - Hope you enjoy all the changes!!
  • Welcome back!!! As you can tell ACi has been through many changes and is better than ever. Well, seeya around :)
  • Great! Phew for a moment there i thought i'd got the wrong site!

    Oh by the way, is there any way to have an image on your signature? The [img] tags don't work on this forum?
  • The img tags are disabled for signatures. This has been done to keep any dis-tastefull images and/or advertisements in sigs.
  • Ahhhh man:( ok fair enough!
  • Heya Hitman, welcome back!!!!!!!!! Your name does sound familiar, but it's sorta fuzzy around the edges, could ya fill me in a bit please? I'm old and stuff comes to me very slowly! heehee

    Anyway, it's always GREAT to see oldsters come back to the fold!!!!!!!! :clap: Glad you're here!!!!!!