Friends Of Foamy
  • anyone catch friends of foamy?


    You have to watch "Tech Support" :D
  • I'll definitely recommend a parental advisory for that- very funny but lots of crude language (as well as very close to the truth regarding computer tech support).
  • I dont live with the parents tho - Does this mean i cant watch it?? :crybaby:
  • I honestly don't care for the Foamy EPISODES.

    The Rants however are HILARIOUS!! :D ^_^
  • There's a little bit of Foamy in all of us, isn't there?

    Good stuff there... although the Hold 'Em one sounds like Woody Allen on helium.
  • their main site is you can get alot of his most recent episodes there. another place is :)

    proud to say i am a fan of the squirel!!

    all shall feel his squirelly wrath!!