S-video vs. 3-colour component input
  • Now that I've got a much bigger TV I'm looking to upgrade my PS2 to TV connection.
  • [b]You don't want to go with the more expensive cable in this case and you don't want to go with Monster cables in this case either as the difference is minimal at best. You will want to get the Component cable which you can get from Sony for about $24.99Usd if i'm not mistaken. The reason that Component is better is because it sends the color signal separately through the cable from your PS2 and it more evenly distributes it on the screen of your tv. Now, the one thing that i must ask is what size is your tv? If it is any size smaller than a 32" then you will not notice the difference between a component or regular A/V cables very distinctly. S-Video is normally much more expensive to make but in the case of the Monster cable there are different types of cable that they use. There's Monster Cable, Monster Cable 2, and
  • Thanks for the prompt reply Madhtr.
  • You should very much see a great difference from the regular cables and would still notice the difference if you had the aforementioned S-video cables also. You won't be disappointed in the least with the quality of the picture. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: