Latest Playstation 3 Rumors
  • Please treat the information below as pure 'entertainment' until the details start getting confirmed officially:


    [quote]Lets start with the bad news - the launch lineup is shrinking. Originally, the list was 30 titles (1st and 3rd party). Currently, the list is about 15 titles (can
  • Well only about a month or so away and Sony SHOULD, hopefully, release more details about the launch; hopefully including definite prices.
  • Those "value packs" would be the shops' doing, not Sony's. If you have your preorder in now make sure they aren't getting you sucked into a bundle.

    Hmm, 700K units for North America at launch? Going to be a bit tricky to find then, that gets spread very thin across the US and Canada (if his numbers are true, I don't think anything official was ever announced so it's speculation on his part). I may wind up waiting a few months before snagging one.

  • QUOTE(lyndon @ Aug 20 2006, 04:35 PM) [snapback]68025[/snapback]
    Those "value packs" would be the shops' doing, not Sony's. If you have your preorder in now make sure they aren't getting you sucked into a bundle.[/b]
    Apparently, the rumors were that the only way chains of shops, e.g. GAME, HMV and all the independent retailers, could get PS3 consoles was by accepting the Value Packs from Sony themselves. Apparently, the Sony guy that goes round the areas game shops told the staff of a local shop that that was the only way shops would be able to get the consoles.
    Maybe, it was a rumor the Sony bloke heard at work or something, but it DID come direct from a Sony representative.
    It's obviously still only a rumor, however, until the Sony bigwigs themselves release it as fact. Fingers crossed they WON'T release it as fact though, and it will turn out that they are selling the consoles by themselves.
    Now if stores decide to do discounts on like the first game or second game half-price or whatever, then that's different.
  • I heard two more great rumours today...

    1: we WILL get dual shock with the PS3 joypad after all, but using a wristband so that it wont cause any problems with the motion sensitive controller

    2: there is announcement on the way about the PS3 controller being able to work with a 'wand' interface, just like the Wii. Bad news is that you will have to buy it as an extra.

    The same guy told me about the existence of a pink PS2 !!! I wouldn't have mentioned the above, until Sony announced the pink console today... so who knows !
  • The pink PS2 is true at least- it was announced during the Game Conference happening in Leipzig, Germany. Seen a picture of it at Gamespot-just doesn't look right to me. That pink unit is just for the European market, btw.

    As for the PS3 rumors they both sound somewhat lame if true. Why can't they just show some maturity and accept Immersion's offer to help with the rumble/ motion sensor problem? That other bit about the wand will be a bad idea- by making it an option game developers will be a bit skeptical to make games that support it (as they did with the PS2 hard drive).

  • As for the Pink PS2, I broke the news about that yesterday, so you're a little late there Lyndon :harhar: lol

  • Lynny is having his pink PS2 imported - It will go with his floral decor and My little pony collection

  • I heard this stupid rumor today, but don't worry its the craziest one yet !

    It goes like this... Sony have just realised that there is no way they can produce 4 million PS3 consoles before the end of the year and so they are going to delay it by 4 months in Europe and then (you will laugh) cut the number of consoles that Japan is getting to a tiny 100 thousand on launch day !

    don't worry though... it could never happen ;)
  • Anyways, I wonder how Sony will sort this mess out :g:

  • yes I was being sarcastic, and yes I live in the UK too, so I feel your pain.

    This has really hit my confidence in the SONY brand very hard. Before this I could not imagine looking elsewhere for a HDTV to go with the console, now I will go out of my way to avoid buying one in protest of their incompetence.
  • It doesnt make much of a difference to me as I dont have any money for a new console anyway, and by the time I do PS7 will prob be ready for release. *sigh*

    Such is life.
  • Is the processing chip seriously 4GHz? I just saw the new ad for it and, well I mean I'm intrigued as hell
  • You can't really go by the Ghz numbers you see- diferent chips have different ways of measuring the speed. Still, the cell is one very powerful chip. It's up to the developers to utilize it properly to give the visuals promised.