PS2 Experts Needed!!!!!!!!
  • Hello all!

    I decided to try for help here after failing everywhere else so I hope it works. I am just about to buy a PS2 and have a few questions b4 I do. I hope someone out there can help me??

    1. I know PS1/PSX games work on the PS2, but are they much better (ie graphically, frame rates etc.) or is there any difference.

    2. Can I use/transfer memory card data from my PSX to the memory card(s) on my PS2??

    3. Is Gran Turismo A-spec REALLY as good as everyone says it is??

    4. How much should I expect to get if I sell my PSX?? It is in extremelly good condition with all added extras eg. controllers,
  • 1.Depending on the games, some newer games look much better while some of the older games look worse. It was more than likely planned for the newer PSX games to look better when the PS2 came out.

    2.You can only use PSX memory cards with PSX games owith the PS2. To save any PS2 games you get you must have a PS2 memory card. Sony has a great 8mb one. Interact has both an 8 and 16mb version, both come with the memory card manager that you can use to compress data. In essence you can turn a 1st or 3rd party 8mb memory card into an 80mb memory card.

    3.GT3 is really that d@^% good. The graphics are top of the line and the gameplay is awesome. You'll want to keep playing and playing and playing.

    4.Well, if the condition is as good as you say you'll probably be able to get around &#3680 or &#3690 US. Depending on where you sell it at, the dealer may give more or less depending on what they feel that it's worth.

    5.Last the PS2 is scheduled to release an ethernet adapter at the same time as the HDD for online ability. Supposedly both HDD and ethernet are to be packaged together as you must have the HDD to use the ethernet adapter. Also FYI, there will be a flat screen monitor is to be released as well as a mouse and keyboard.

    Well i hope that this bit of info is of any help to you. I hope you get a good deal on that PSX and get that PS2 soon. Enjoy and make sure to get that GT3 game beacause it is great. Well, i hope you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Just to clarify 1 thing

    Can I load up data from my PSX memory card for PSX games on the PS2 and can I save PSX games on the PS2 memory card??
  • You can use PSX memory cards with PSX games in the PS2 and it won't mess with hte system. Also you can not save PSX games on a PS2 memory card.

    PSX games=PSX memory cards.
    PS2 games=PS2 memory cards.
    PSX and PS2 controllers work with the PS2.
    The PS2 controllers have pressure sensitive buttons that the original Dual Shock controllers didn't.
    Well, i hope you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanx madhtr
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  • dancingmind The load times are much faster for psone games than they were on the originoal psone, but you have to turn on the fast loading times option from the browser window.

    Hope this helps