thank you... and one more Q.
  • thank you guys for the help !!!

    i've looked better on the game and it's DVD format.
    i've tried a dvd movie and it's doing the same so i probably have troubles with my dvd.

    the question is if there is the same game on a compact disc and what can i do about my DVD ?
    your my last chance, if i won't have an answer by morning, i'll gonna have to pay alot of money to the repair guy.

    by the way, how can i close the threads i don't need anymore ?

    again, thank you very much.

  • [b]Afraid you won't find the same games on different kinds of discs,jarjar.I don't think there's any avoiding the repairs.Of course,if the PS2 was bought just recently and you have the receipt,you could try taking the system back to where you got it and exchange it.You might want to take the game disc as proof the system isn't working as it should as well.

    As for the thread,don't worry about it.Closing threads can only be done by those with moderation privileges.As long as no one else replies to it,it will eventually go to the back pages of the forum as more threads are made.