Oh Sweet Naustolgia! I Died And Went Back To 1998!
  • Man, I remember this site long ago like '98 I think.

    It just died one day..

    Now, years later it's resourrected :w00t2: !

    Heheh. I thought this place was long gone!

    My old account use to be "Hombre_Loco" lol..

    I was always asking about NY race if it ever was comming out lol..

    why did this place get shut down anyway? ;)
  • Hi!! welcome back to the wonderful world of ACi!!!

  • I honestly don't recall that name but anyhoo, welcome back!

    I'm not entirely sure about the shutdown either but it may have in part been due to the redesign Jim had in mind to include coverage for the PSP and PlayStation 3 along with inclusion of the other new non-Sony consoles. Things are slowly getting underway again now, however, so hope you enjoy the new ACi (can't really say APi anymore seeing as we're not just a PlayStation site any more ). Tell your friends about it too! ;)