In Memory Of Max (maxine) R.i.p
  • Just thought I'd share something a little close to home that were going through at the moment. I had to take our Staffordshire Bull Terrior Max (Maxine) to the vets this morning due to cancer. We had to have her put to sleep as she was in alot of pain. She had a fairly good innings of 12years which isn't to bad for a Staffy but it doesn't feel any better as the vet administered the lethal dose. I broke down shortly after as did my ex wife who was also there. It's the end of an era for a very loving dog who is missed very much.

    Don't think it's sunk in at the moment with my two daughters yet as to what has actually happened. Attached is a photo of Max taken about six or seven years ago. Rest in Peace Maxie

    Having problems inserting a pic from my desktop as I'm asked to enter a url. so I'll change my pic on my profile for Maxies pic for anyone interested in having a look....
  • It's always tough to lose a family pet, especially one that has been with you for so long. It's even harder to see them live with daily pain. They can't tell you they are in pain but when you know they are suffering, it hurts you too. The decision you had to make was a difficult one, I know.

    We lost our dog "Killer" to a cancerous growth just over three years ago. He was 16 years old and was a huge part of our family. We buried him in the in-laws back yard and visit his grave whenever we can. I often think about what a great friend he was to us over the years and it brings some comfort.

    Wishing you and your family the best, Digger.
  • You need to have owned and loved a pet to fully understand that it is just like losing any member of the family.

    Best wishes to you and all of the family, she will feel no more pain and suffering... RIP
  • It's always heartbreaking to stand there and hear your dog exhale for the last time. I've done that twice, to both an old dog that wasn't mine and to my Maya (she was a 6 year old huskie) who we had to put to sleep since we couldn't really satisfy her needs for exercise once we started having kids and started studying.

    It took me quite some time to get over the fact that we had deprived her life due to our own needs but I got over it in time as I know you will with Max. And you know what, not only is it OK to cry over a dead dog, it feels pretty good to do it too. Men aren't exactly crying a healthy amount of time I belive.
  • We had a staffy for 14 years called Digger and he was the best dog in the world - Even now we all still miss him.

    I really hope you start to feel better
  • Awww I'm sooo sorry there Digger.

    My family had to put the oldest and greatest Beagle ever known to man asleep just before I graduated from High school in the Spring of 2004. He was 14 and a half years old when he had to get put to sleep. It was a truly tragic event. If our family even brings "Bandit" up we'll usually start crying even still.

    Maddie and Tifa (the two beagles we have now) are nice, but can still not replace the spot in our family that Bandit filled.

    Hope this tragedy doesn't cause your family to become too depressed, but rather remember all the great times you shared with your dog.
  • Thanks folks for your concern, it's very much appreciated. Didn't realise until after the event how much Max meant. Kind of hit like a freight train. I guess events such as these tend to shake you out of a daily "stuck in a rut" stupor (sp?) if you know what I mean. Just little things like throwing away left over dinner instead of giving them to Max. Returning home and checking to make sure Max is OK etc. Anyway before I start getting philisophical and start rambling I'll finish by saying thank you all for your support :blush:

    On a lighter side, yesterday I was wandering around our garden barefoot looking miserable and I had a message from Max.... Well kind of .... I trod in dog :pooh: . "Bloody dog" I said to mysef with a sentimental grin on my face . :)