Scary Stuff
  • One of our 'daily customers' at work has stabbed to death his girlfriend (and mother of his 2 children). This has really scraed me. One because you see these people everyday and you never expect it to happen. But he really didnt seem the type. They both doted on those children and seemed like a nice couple. Have to admit i shed some tears last night.

    Not looking forward to going into work - apparently the police are wanting to interview us all
  • Wow. That is a scary event! Was the guy on heavy drugs or what? Are you sure you didn't replace his anti-psychotic meds with placebo on accident? :o

    I once worked with a guy who committed murder. He killed a woman he had picked up in a bar on Thanksgiving and then dumped her body in a canyon just outside the front door of his condo. The feds came and picked him up after work one night. It was a big scene where they blocked off the street and everything when they came to make the arrest. He was a pleasant guy to work with, for the most part, and didn't really seem like the type either. He did have a temper at times, but nothing that seemed like he was capable of murder. We were also interviewed by the police as some of us had worked with him a few days before the incident.

    You never know what some people are capable of and your story is especially sad because there are children involved. They are victims as well. I hope you are doing okay dealing with this. :hug: