Comp Problem
  • I fell asleep the other day with my laptop on and my sisters kitten decided to lay down on the keyboard. When I woke up there were a bunch of screens up so I just clicked out of them all and turnd the comp off. Now when I turn it on the screen goes blue and comes up with a message that says there was an error and I need to restart my computer. I tried to restart it, but the same thing happens everytime. Any clues to what the kitten did or how to fix it?

    Im using my sisters computer for now.
  • If you have windows XP then you can get the computer to restart using the last known good configuration.

    more info on the microsoft site here:
  • if its xp then use your start up disk, the easiest way rather than figure out what it did and take all this time for something to not work....reset you computer and reload xp and start again. another option is to send it in to a techy and get it fixed....if your a bum like me, than this is a big problem.

    if you can afford it, just reload xp....then put a leesh on the kitty or put a plastic cover over your keyboad so the cat cant use the internet without permission.

    sorry to hear that....good luck
  • Oh by the way, all that should work with other versions of windows, like 98 for example, as well.

  • Yeah I do have XP. Any thoughts on if this is a virus or not?? I used to have Norton Antivirus, but it just expired and since I spent a bunch of money for my books this semester so I didn't renew it.
  • Obviously for legal reasons I in no way condone anything that COULD be regarded as Illegal.
    [i]It is up to the individual whether to do this or not. That's provided it does actually work of course.
  • I can't even get to where I could do that. Now my computer loads my background image and my mouse, thats it. No start menu or icons or anything like that, its just stuck. When I leave it on for a while it makes loud beep noises and messages come up saying that such and such a file is not working and it terminated the file.

    I went to best buy to find the norton boot disk, but they don't have any. I'll probably take it to a tech guy tomorrow or something. Hopefully I can have it fixed sometime soon so that I can start doing work for the site. The only access to the internet that I have is through my sisters laptop and she uses it a lot for school.
  • I just took my laptop to best buy to have the geek squad people look at it. Its going to cost me $200 which sucks, but they said it should be fixed in about a week.
  • Dude thats was a poor move...if you have a home content insurance you should have just dropped the thing on the floor and made a claim for a new one....i know its fraud but insurance is a protection racked engaged by men in suits....... :devilish:
  • ooooooo majik thats a clever idea!!!

    My friend at work did that to claim a new mobile phone on her insurance and it worked a treat!!