• I see DVD on my PS2 on a 4:3 TV Set and all Letter Box and 16:9 formats are displayed "streched" on the screen, like if the actors got higher and thinner and squeezed! On my 16:9 TV on the living room, it's okay but my PS2 is on my bedroom and it's very annoying to see it like that. When I go to the setup menu and "Screen Setup", the TV format is always 16:9 and I can't change it! What can I do?
  • It will work as soon as you turn the DVD off or stop the DVD.
  • I have a PAL console and I find when I watch PAL DVD's I dont have a problem but when I watch NTSC DVD's I have the same problem as SkyHigh. I would guess it is just because of the format of the DVD.

    Also with NTSC DVD's I cant set my console volume to +2 like I can with PAL. NTSC DVD's I find are always way to quiet for my metal blasted ears.