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  • Girls are so confusing sometimes. There are two girls that I am interested in right now and I work with both of them. One is 18 and I went out on a date with her a few months back, but we never got around to going out again. Well the other day I was helping freshman move into their doorms for my fraternity and she was there so I helped her move in. When I was leaving I took my shirt off and being the gym rat that I am :flex: I sparked her interest, lol. Now she is being all flirty with me and I would like to go out with her again, but there is another girl at work that I like a lot also.

    The other one I get along with really well and I enjoy haning out with her at work, but she is a little older than me. She is 24, but we have a little more in common that I do with the other girl. Plus she is going to be a massage therapist, which sounds like it could be fun for me ;)

    Both girls are gorgeous so either one would be good, but I don't know which one I would like to make a move on. I am leaning a little bit more towards the older one, but do you think me being 19 and her being 24 is a little too big of an age gap?? :g:

    What do you all think?
  • Uh..well..hmm. :g:
    On the up side, dating a 24 year old girl would usually mean that she is grown up and so you would not have to worry (typically) about trust issues and/or neurotic jealousy. Down side to dating the 24 year old is that because she is so much older she might expect you to be on the same level as her mentally and if you aren't, well that creates a problem. Older women expect that men they date are mature.

    I really can't make the decision for you there SpeedDemon. Being a girl myself I know how confusing we can be though the men don't help either and so I can't really help you out there. Sorry. -_-

    The facts I've expressed above though come from a large amount of years in the Girl's Network of Communication. :D Don't you love having girl gamers?
  • If babe 1 showed little or no interest after the previous date, then go for the older babe 2.

    Its way more important (in my book) to have common interests.

    I am assuming you are looking to have a relationship, rather than just 'exercise' with these ladies ? ;)
  • I agree common interests are a big factor. Which one do you think you'd enjoy spending time with?

    Younger girls tend to be emotionally "all over the place" and if you have any doubt, read RedKenny's blog on any given day! :harhar: (That comment might get me in trouble)

    There is nothing wrong with dating older women. My wife is 5 years older than me. They tend to know what they want in a relationship and are less prone to infatuation, in my experience. A lot depends on emotional maturity as to whether or not you are compatible.

    If you're just looking for conquests, then I'd say go after the young one. She's less likely to spot a stud on the prowl. :devilish:
  • I'm going to go against the others and say you would be better with the younger one that is showing actual interest. Have you confirmed that your slightly older co-worker is single and currently unattatched?

  • QUOTE(chargerfanchs @ Sep 1 2006, 03:02 PM) [snapback]68289[/snapback]
    Younger girls tend to be emotionally "all over the place" and if you have any doubt, read RedKenny's blog on any given day! :harhar: Excuse me?!

    I like to think that I am emotionally grown up and stable right now. Yes, there may be a few blogs in there which resonate being all over the place, but you have to expect that. It's part of being a woman!

    The only change from being a young girl and a woman is the intensity of these emotions they feel.

    Young girls will think one thing might be the next end of the world.
    While an older woman may not.

    By the way SpeedDemon, figure out what's going on with the older one (is she interested?) first before you go tunneling after her. Nothing is more awkward for women than knowing a guy likes you and you're not me. :blink: [/b]
  • ouch... I am pleased not to be walking in your shoes Charger, it looks like you might be in hot water !

    yeah, I assumed that the older woman has shown an interest and is unattached... if not you are just walking into a whole heap of trouble.
  • QUOTE(RedKenny @ Sep 2 2006, 01:07 AM) [snapback]68295[/snapback]
    Excuse me?!

    :laugh: I knew that comment would get me in trouble! You know I luv ya Red. You can take it! Just think of yourself as a role model! :tongue:

    See Speed? I know what I'm talking about! Yeah, definitely stick with the older woman! Things you say are less likely to blow up in your face!
  • can we stop talking about 24yr olds as 'older women' - Makes me depressed!!

    I would try your luck with 2. Basically you got interests there on the level so starting off as friends is always a great start!!

    Nowt wrong with the age gap - there is 11 years between tiff and myself!!
  • Personally I think having stuff in common is a pretty good start for a relationship, and assuming girl #2 is giving you "signs" I'd probably go for her. But, not knowing either girl obviously it's really hard for anybody to judge but yourself - just think which girl are you most likely to see yourself with in 6 months time and still having a wicked time with...
  • Im going to hang out with girl 2 aka Heidi tomorrow. Well see what happens.....
  • I have an idea, is there any reason why you can't date both of them? I mean your only dating them its not like your getting married or anything. If you can date both of them you will know which one you like more real quick.
  • QUOTE(Rex77 @ Sep 3 2006, 09:30 PM) [snapback]68342[/snapback]
    I have an idea, is there any reason why you can't date both of them? I mean your only dating them its not like your getting married or anything. If you can date both of them you will know which one you like more real quick. [/b]

    Alright, anyone spot the 'player'? :laugh:
    Seriously though, I personally would never EVER date two girls at once. They ALWAYS find out, and then you won't stand a chance with either of them.
    Of course you could always date them at the exact same time. In other words, take them BOTH to the cinema/movies at the same time. Granted you pay double and might be a bit awkward, but would certainly keep the heart pumping ;)

  • I would definatly give it a try, if they didn't both work with me.
  • To be honest - from my perspective - unless me and a guy had said - 'oh by the way we are a couple now' it wouldnt have bothered me if he had taken someone else out. It was after a few 'dates' when it became an exclusive thing.

    Maybe im just easy tho lol <_< :blink:
  • QUOTE(oddish182000 @ Sep 4 2006, 08:51 PM) [snapback]68362[/snapback]
    Maybe im just easy tho lol <_< :blink: [/b]</div>

    Easy? No way. Just you know what you want, right? :mellow:
  • Have you given any consideration to the fact that the age difference might bother her...I can't say that I know too many 24 year old girls that would feel comfortable dating a 19 year old boy...I don't mean to sound rude or put you down or anything cause I don't think 5 years is a particularly big age gap....but I do think that a 5 year gap makes a big difference depending on what stage you are in life....for example 30 - 35 isn't too big....40 - 45 isn't big either....but 15-20 is a big gap and I think 19-24 is a big gap too...maybe not in years....but in maturity.....but like the others said...take her on a date, if she agrees, and then you'll know better how the two of you get on....but I don't think it's a good idea to take both of them out on a date at the same time....or even to date them seperately but at the same time....of course that's just my opinion....good luck and I hope you make the right choice :)
  • I would have to agree with bits of what Rex said ( :bag: ) and bits of Patricia's comment too

    19 - 24 is a big step - no matter what age you are considered an adult personalities really only mature out around 22 - 25. So proceed with caution here

    However I do agree with Rex on the dating front - when I was in my mid-late 20's I often dated 2 or 3 at the same time. :devilish:

    However, within one month of meeting the girl who is my wife of 2 years now I decided she was the one for me and ended the other relationships. (oh and we have a 7 year age gap)
  • Can't honestly recommend going out with the 24-year old, man. I'm 19 myself and really can't see myself going out with any chick 5 years my senior.
    Also, from the very breif description you gave of her, she sounds like any other viable girlfriend, except she's 24, which is a huge con for several reasons:
    She's probably used to having more money than you.
    She's probably been with lots of other people. I don't know about you, but I'm not exceptionally experienced with women. Last thing you want is to be compared to past boyfriends.

    You work with both of these chicks. What if something screws it up between you and whichever of them? It's gonna be horrible in work.

    Generally I don't actively go after women. I just go about my business and let what happens, happen; as far as women are concerned.

    Don't overthink this man, it's just women in the end, nothing serious B)
  • Although I don't particularly agree that 24 is old.. being 29 myself the last thing Cyclone Duke says is absolutely spot on.

    "Don't overthink this"

    If you work too hard for the wrong one then you'll end up feeling stupid. Work out what you want first. If your after a more serious 'relationship' (there's a word us guys hate...) then I would suggest the older girl. However if all you're after is a bit of fun, then the younger girl might be up for it. However, this could all hit you smack in the face if it's not what they want.

    Personally, I don't think you're ready for either since you don't know which one you want. What generally happens in situations like this is that whichever one you go for, you'll be thinking "what if".

    I'd steer clear of both if I was you. Keep being friendly with them and all that but no more. Find someone else and go for them - there must be plenty around. Besides, as soon as you have one girl you'll instantly find out which of these other two are interested by which pursue you and which just walk away.
  • I decided to stay away from dating those at work. If something were to go wrong then going to work everyday would be a nightmare. I still flirt with them all the time, but thats as far as it will go.
  • Jeesh. I sure hope you didn't take *my* advice. That's sure to end in upset :D

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