• does any one know what that slot in the back of the ps2 is for and is there supost to be anything in there
  • If you mean that somewhat large expansion bay on the back that is to be the future home of the PS2 hard drive which you've probably seen us talk about in here before.Last I had heard on the release of this was it was delayed until there's a game to release alongside it that uses the hard drive (most likely Square's Final Fantasy 11).I believe that is slated for early 2003.

    The network adaptor,which will let you get online with games with that feature,is expected in August and will also attatch there.Eventually with both you will be able to access e-mail,instant messenging,surf the web-you'd even be able to visit here on it!

    There should be more information coming soon on the when and how of it-Sony is supposed to be making an announcement at the upcoming E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) happening May 22-24.
  • it is a slot to smuggle drugs in an out of the country
    no wait i got it. it is used for storing your sandwich..
    Just kidding it is for the Hard Drive (if it ever come out)