Trivium Gone Soft?
  • Just heard there new album - The Crusade (through early review release)

    Just don't know what the f**k to make out of it. It's soft metal but still has the edgy riffs but Matt is singing for real (with the help of a lot of track doubling) Theres no real speed in the "thrash" and the music is sort of thing you would find in a B movie soundtrack or as a fight/encounter scene in a video game.

    I get a feeling that they were trying to go for a early-mid Metallica/early Pantera or maybe it's the reinvention to get air time on mainstream radio?

    It's not really grabbing me by the throat & trying to kill me. I'll give it 4 or 5 more listens & then it may have to go in my wuss rock pile.

    To the Rats, Contempt Breeds Contamination & The Crusade (musical) only seem to pop up & seek some attention.

    Me & Jane saw them Live in June this year and they were mental live with there as of then 2 albums. They are supporting Iron Maiden on there tour later this year in Europe and I get a feeling that this album is set for that sort of aged crowed (what with them, metallica, slayer & pantera being there idols). In a way I'm glad I didn't buy tickets to see them again along with Iron Maiden, which there new album A Matter of Life and Death is a bit flat just "Maiden pumped material & nothing new"