Major website upgrades start today
  • We are making big changes to the site in readiness of the launch of Version 3 of the whole Absolute PlayStation site.

    Please expect some very short periods of downtime.


    - Remember to login using your username and password NOT email and password
    - For some people your username has now changed back to your old one

    If you cannot remember your password, please go to the following page:
    ...and enter your email address. You will be send a new password in about 60 seconds. Check your junk mail folder in case it goes in there by mistake.

    If you are still having problems logging in please email me at:

    jim @ (remove the spaces)

    • forum software has been replaced and re-skinned - pro software added and optimised for search engines, new smileys added, 300 avatars added
    • arcade software has been replaced - 100 games added, optimised for search engines
    • Professional blogging software added - all members can now blog
    • Cheats and Tips submission service re-started - 1,300 tips approved, latest tips appear on the main site
    • Homepage updated - newest cheats, news, blogs and comments now appear live
    • Customer Service Area created - anyone can now contact us with general non gaming enquiries
    • Playstation Experts Area created - quick answers to gaming and console problems
    • Member Downloads - Area created - super fast downloads of playstation content for members
    • Reader Reviews service re-started- 183 new Reader Reviews approved, latest reviews appear on the main site


  • Like the look of the site Jim.
    Guessing the mods forums are in the process of being put back.
    The front Absolute Playstation page has lost the link to the discussions forum though. Just thought I'd mention that in case you hadn't realised, but I'm sure that's on your list of things to do.

    Anyway, keep up the great work :)
  • I got panic when I can't log in... but no more.. thanks for the guide
  • I like the board colors. Its very soft and inviting. I would not change it.

    Is the upgrades a long process?
  • I can't necessarily speak for the God Squad who do the updates, but if I was to take a guess then I would say it obviously depends on what is being upgraded. The site has had a complete overhaul over the past weekend. If you had seen it even on Friday you would be able to tell straight away how much has been done.
    I personally love the look and feel of the site now. Like you said Kremzeek, it has a much softer feeling to it and looks a really warm place when you enter it. It's now kind of like a Chateau at a Ski Resort. You've just been out Skiing, or Snowboarding or whatever, all day and you need somewhere to go that's warm and welcoming and provides Hot Chocolate on tap. Well that's this site. Although we unfortunately cannot provide Hot Chocolate on tap as technology has not quite progressed to clicking a button on a website and a free cup of Hot Chocolate appearing in front of you, we can, however, provide you with a welcoming place to come talk about anything Playstation related :D
    Stick around, ok? :)
    Oh and there are obviously other sections of this site not really Playstation related like the Jokes, Trivia and Entertainment forum.