Adult Swim
  • Do any of you watch adult swim? Thanks to the handy DVR I am able to watch the anime shows that I always wanted to. I love the Fullmetal Alchemist series and the new show Bleach. I also like to watch Inuyasha and Trinity Blood.

    Anybody else like these shows? Also, does anybody have a DVR and record shows they normally wouldn't have time to see?
  • Cartoon Network isn't in Canada so we don't get the Adult Swim block. However, the kid's network up here, YTV, does show anime in a section they call Bionix on Friday nights and has most of those shows. They have (in order) InuYasha, Eureka Seven, FullMetal Alchemist and Bleach. Both Eureka and Bleach are just at their second episode here as they just had been added.

    I happen to like all of these shows (particularly FMA, I've seen every episode already thanks to a fansub i found before they had a DVD deal). The FullMetal Alchemist movie, Conqueror Of Shamballa, just came out on DVD lately- going to have to pick that one up.
  • I can not for some reason get into the whole anime thing, I do however enjoy Futurama, Family Guy, The Oblongs..........I can't stand shows likr 12 oz mouse, squidbillies and all that jazz, seems like mindless time filler to me. But then again I am old.....:(
  • i totally agree with you there dan..... you are old :p

    J/K i cant get into the anime/manga thing at all either - Tiff loves it - so does my dad

    Give me spongebob squarepants and family guy anyday!!
  • I used to watch adult swim fervently when I was in High School. Now that I'm a college student though, the anime doesn't seem to do it for me anymore. I do like Futurama, but even that I don't watch a lot.
  • Well, I like adult swim. Recently my mom changed cable systems. We know have dishnetwork. Now that we have changed, we get adult swim at 7pm now. I have not gotten use to it yet. We have dvr. Have not used it, yet. As soon as my mom gets off the dvr kick, I would be able to see more of adult swim. The adult swim comes on at the same time as my other shows that i watch. And, yes, this is a battle btween my mom and I on who gets the dvr. I know, I live in a nut house.

    I watch inuyasha, ghost in the shell, transformers, I try to watch some of the others, but, its too late for me, or for some reason its not on. I try to watch more anime.:cool:
  • I am an adult swim viewer i needto start setting my dvr though because i work alot and go to school somtimes staying up late isnt for me :) Bleach and trinity blood their 2 newest are suburb great animes. full metal alchemist is one of my top ranked (currently buying whole series cheap on ebay) Was a big inuyasha fan in high school but havent seen the series go anywhere in awhile so starting to stray. Another anime that is wanderful is ghost in the shell. Eh what can i say i love anime
  • Adult swim cracks me up! FG, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Venture Bros., Harvey Birdman...that stuff is comedy gold.
  • Hey Euro dudes... do we get Adult Swim over here ?

    We have over 10 cartoon channels on Satelite over here, but I havent seen it. Is it on the Cartoon Network ?
  • Yes, it is on Cartoonnetwork.

    Nicttoons is now showing invader zim. On dishnetwork that is channel 178.:)
  • OMG I love invader ZIm!!!!!!!!!!!

    puhleeeeeeeeeese tiff can i have sky back please please please!!!!:mad:
  • Even better, on Sky it appears that AdultSwim has it's own channel now, all to itself! :P
  • whats the channel number Kernmist ?
  • Its own channel ?!!!, I want it now!!!!
  • Dang it. Sorry guys I think I was mistaken.

    It looks like it was on Bravo and they had a whole weekend of it. That's why it just looked like adultswim everytime I checked the schedule.

    Bravo still seem to run it from 1am though...
  • Does anyone watch Robot Chicken? I think its really funny.
  • I love Robot Chicken!!

    I don't like the animes they have on there anymore.