Gaming Addictions
  • ITV News - Tonight: Virtually Addictive

    Have just watched this on Tv about people with gaming addictions. A 17 yr old lad played for 163hrs over 15 days!!! There was a 6 yr old boy showing classic signs of addiction and was violent to his mum if she tried to remove the computer.

    What goes through these parents minds? If i had tried to sit in front of a PC or games console for 20 hrs at a time at 17 i would have been told to get out and find a job!!
  • That's the thing- as long as little Billy isn't pestering them they let the computer/ game console/ tv become the default babysitter. Parents need to start paying more attention to what their kids are doing on the fool things- if they did maybe we wouldn't have politicians complaining about the games so much.
  • I agree with Lyndon. If more mothers paid more attention to their kids, the politicians would not be changing the sale laws on vid games.

    I have a 15 yr old kid and I dont let her play it day and nite. She gets a minimum of 5 hours a day and no more. She has never displayed any violence towards me or anyone else. She knows the difference btween vid games and reality. Having a ps2 has not been a problem for me. She knows where the line is at. ;)
  • minimum of 5 hours a day?

    Thats a lot!! It may be me getting old but were does she find the time?

    Wish i had the time to game for 5 hours a day!!
  • I'm on my 5 days off from shift work so thats 5 - 24 usable hours (120hrs) I could be playing games. So far I've only clocked up 6 hours over 4 days.

    There was a part of that program where they could send there children over to Amsterdam for therapy but didn't have the money. Here is an idea! SELL THE COMPUTER YOU STUPID WOMAN FOR THE MONEY!! she bought it for her 17yr son for his education but looks like he's not bothered with it so get rid of it & go & get a job
  • I heard somewere a thing that I think is probably the best analysis of the problem of game addictive children I have heard.

    The game will give to the child what the parent doesn't, praise and attention, something the child needs.
    If you have a child or spouse sufferign from addictiveness to games I'd recomend you'd try to be a bit more interesting yourself. Human interaction usually beats artificial.

    With that said I have to proclaim that I during my late teens sometimes spent weekends (and that means the whole weekend, all 60 hours, non-stop, no sleep) gaming. Mostly due to having no other activity to take part in and living on my own (without mum and dad). I don't know if I've suffered any dysfunctions from that (other than I don't need more than 5-6 hours of sleep per night) but I guess I would have benifited more from getting involved in chemical experiments or horseback riding.
  • I bet that all those youth's parents are sitting there glued to the television while the children are in the grip of their addiction. People that do things with their children don't seem to have this problem.