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    test? zoom zoom. well we'll see if this works as it was intended to work, if not, what to do? I have no clue but one hundred word entries? Feels like my GRE's all over again, or is it? we'll see how much nonsense i have to type in order to create such a blog, oh dear what else can I talk about? Im out looking for a job, I need to find something in the area of public education, teaching social studies or something, we'll see.
  • I ask you, what is a blog. I think a blog is like a book. It can be about many things and not just one. It also can be told in a fairy like tale for those who would like to read it. How many blogs are you going to make? Will they all be on one subject, or many subjects? Blog, blog blog, a tale of ones history about themselfs. Sounds fastinating!:)
  • A little from Column A and a little from Clolumn B.
  • ....Blogging......This my first "Real" blog also! This feels like I'm placing a piece of my life on BLAST for people to read. I can say that it does feel great to have a response to read, it kinda gives you that feeling of not being alone;) I just like to keep in mind to make it as interesting a possible no matter what it is. And good luck on finding that job, its all about a $paper$ chase. If you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen :)