Memory card problems
  • i have got this memory card
  • I would try dusting the ps2 off. If that isn't the problem may be
  • Do you have any other saved game files on there one of the files might be corrupt try deleting all of them, if you dont want to delete then i dont know what to do then!!
  • The best solution I can give you is get rid of that card and pick up an actual Sony card.Most of the third party cards (and that one in particular) are unreliable in performance.If you have the receipt take it back to where you got it and see about gettin your money back.The sony cards may be a few dollars more but they will work and don't need any sort of extra software to use.
  • first off destroy that crap that u bought cause it is not a memory card, then go to the retailer where u bought it from an slap the sales associate who sold it to u then get a real Sony memory card.

    that crap that u wasted your money on is just a memory archive, it doesn't actually save the games it just stores them.

    like if u had a real memory card an u wanted to back up your save, u would back it up to that archive that u bought.

    That is why it is called "Flash Memory"
  • Ya I had a stupid MeM Card once I had to "install" it every time I played a game or the card wouldn't work.
  • Yes, snowboardwake, it sounds like you had one of those "good" 3rd party MCs.....I would highly recommend the use of only Sony official MCs. It'll make things alot easier for you. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.