Will have to get used to this!
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    [drupal=14]Will have to get used to this![/drupal]

    This place is looking fab now!! Everything is new and shiney looking and i cant wait for the new people to start rolling in!!I was gonna do a Janeybobs FAQ like red did - Then i realised that ivenever been asked anything lol!Am gonna go now and test my wedding cake sample we got today!
  • Loving the avatar ! What is it ?

    Oh yeah, I think you should do a recap for everyone just like Red has done. Kind of a:

    the story so far ....
  • Yeah I'm also loving the Avatar, seeming you STOLE IT OFF ME!! :frown:

    I'll stick to my Mooby & having another bit of cake!
  • It goes with my obsession of monsters!! I dont know what its from as like he says i blatantly stole it off tiff - I can copy and paste so much faster than him!!!!
  • [B]Kinda reminds me of the Judder Man from that vodka advert a few years back....one of the scariest ads of all time apparently...[/B]
  • The metz man when the moon is fat!!!

    That drink was fantabulous - do they even still do that??