Where is the love?
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    WARNING - The following is a rant. Stop right here if you don't want to "hear" it.What I'm seeing is a lack of respect. Give some credit where credit is due. I know there have been years where it wasn't pretty but I think we're looking at the real thing here. The last few years should be proof enough that what is happening is no fluke. Sure, it's way too early to tell but I think we've got something special going on.
  • Chris, I read all of this and have very little clue what you are talking about. It all sounds like the sort of thing that radio show on Madden goes on about when my team (currently Atlanta - 'cause I like it dirty!) hammer the bejaysus out of whomever...

    I might know what 15 yds of total offence means, but I havent the faintest idea what BCS or Scooners are.......

    But, with all that said,....I am loving the venom and looking forward to the Ravens losing in Week 3 so that the Chargers can beat a poor Ravens side and all the media talk about is how bad the boys from Baltimore were :o
  • The worst part about what you've said is it's probably true, you "Dirty Bird"! :mad: