what is the price of PS3
  • I live in the USA what is the price of the PS3
  • All prices are unofficial at the moment, But its being reported that the RRP (recommended Retail Price) in the USA will be $499 for the 20GB system and $599 for the 60GB system.
  • As a bit of added information there will be more of the $599 systems than $499 when the PlayStation 3 launches in November. besides the larger hard drive space the 60 GB model will also have built in wi-fi (no need to string up an ethernet cable if you have a wireless router), an HDMI port for those with high-def televisions and flash memory slots under the front flap.

    The 20 GB model has none of these- but it's not that big a deal to use ethernet cable (steadier connection too), you can still use component cables for the high definition input and a flash memory reader can be had cheap and plug into one of the USB slots.