The falseness of the pretender RGB scart lead!
  • This is pretty desperate due to the 28 day no return policy at Dixons. And my nearest Dixons is pretty far away so I need to get my dad to drive me...

    The official Uk Playstation recommended using a Scart lead as it would give the best picture quality. ( If you have the mag you'll know that they did a 6-page feature on it.) Hearing this advice, I went out and got one that connects to my playstation in the AV Multi out. It was from Joytech and also had a console adapter, video in and audio left and right cables.

    Also, it had 21 pins incliding the outside. I plugged it into my TV and Playstation and I noticed no difference. Then I stopped midway through a game and swapped it for my RF cable and there seemed to be no difference. The games I tried out were the rough textures of The Italian Job and the smooth Crash Team Racing.

    Is all this talk about the Scart lead real? What are it's benefits? I need help in 28 days! Should I get a SONY Scart lead instead?! Help!!!! I'm going mad!! aaaargh!!!
  • Supposedly Sony disabled the RGB output on the PS2 console to get peole to buy their stand-alone DVD players. That's why the color of the screen is green when you try to play DVDs with the high-end output. I found a site that has a RGB connection that's supposedly bypassed this somehow. I'm not recommending you get it but i'm going to PM you the site so that you can check it out yourself. Just remember that you should always check into these sort of things before you go out there and purchase them. I hope that this bit of info helps you out but if not feel free to ask for more help. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.