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    Today must be national grumpy day. People have been nagging me since the top of the morning...which I don't understand why.My boyfriend claims I got him sick from kissing him..which is probably true. So he's angry and grumpy. But how many times has he gotten me sick from kissing me? I've never complained. Whatever, I think that's so stupid how he's getting all grumpy.My best friend is angry because her boyfriend stood her up again. She's sick of him leaving her hanging and stringing her along. Which is understandable but she never tells him her distaste with such behavior and so it's really stupid of her to expect him to change when he's no idea what's wrong..or if anything is.
  • Awww, poor Red. Let's hope you have a better day today or tomorrow or er...well rest of the week :huh:
    Anyway, keep up the good work of Blogging :D
    p.s. First comment.....Go me!!!!!