Usb Port and Steering Wheel
  • I intend to buy a "Logitech WingMan Formula Force Gp" steering wheel for my PC, will it work also on my PS2 console in the USB port ?
  • [b]I'm guessing no on this one.You may want to check on that before laying down the cash for it.I took a look at it from Logitech's web site and there's no mention of PS2 support.

    Still,it may be worth a shot.Even if it doesn't you still have what looks like a good wheel for the PC.Gran Tourismo 3 would be your best bet to try it with as it does have support for a steering wheel.
  • [b]The offical GT3 Force Feedback Steering Wheel for the PS2 only supports Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, Hell of a lot of money just for one game.

    But it doesn't stop there, the makers of the wheel have had a PC version of it out for 18 months, it looks just the same as the PS2 version but without the GT3 sticker on. I wonder if anyone has try it? and it's
  • Tiff,

    The GT Force currently works with 4 titles:
    NASCAR Heat 2001
    Tokyo Xtreme Racer 0
    Motor Mania

    I am also willing to bet it will work with TM: Black. We just haven't had a change to try it on that game as yet.
  • [b]Cheers Tom :) at least now I know that Sony UK isn't trying to rip off UK punters.

    On the UK boxed packaging and inside on the instruction sheet it states in HUGE letters


    With those games not yet out here in the UK (apart from TXR 0) I can now rest assure that I didn't pay all that money for the one game wheel. Also the wheel is spot on!!! makes your wrists ache after 4 hours of play.
  • Four straight hours of play Tiff??
  • :confused:Where can I buy the GT Force Wheel online?
  • Ineed to be able to get it sent to me in North America.
  • [b]Your best bet would be EB's web site,Sion-they carry just about everything available.