Richard HAmmond
  • BBC NEWS | England | North Yorkshire | TV host seriously hurt in crash

    Most people outside the UK probably dont know who he is. He presents Top Gear - a car show on BBC2 - Yesterday he crashed a car while filming a land speed record in a jet powered car when it crashed.

    Hes suffered head injuries after crashing and flipping the 300mph dragster car at elvington air field
    Hes married with 2 kids so your thoughts really go to the family

    I LOVE this guy - i really hope he is ok!:(
  • Woah! Hadn't heard about this until reading this post. I hope he's ok as well. He's a great guy, somone who anyone would like to meet.
    I like him in Brainiac as well. That is an hilarious show. Specially when they blow up Cravans. I mean, it's almost like Caravans were made to be blown up, don't you think so? :D

    Anyway, I too hope he gets well soon.
  • I was at work when Jane text'd me. I thought she was taking the p!ss. Jane & myself love this guy & got Jane into watching TopGear on the TV.

    It has been released by the press that Richard was a last minute stand-in for this drive for the TopGear program. I thought that The STIG was going to drive it, but turns out that one of Richards Co-presenters, James May was supposed to do it, which is a surprise that he is a slooooow driver & Richard with Jeremy Clarkson always take the p!ss out his driving speed. (catch the episode from last seasons TopGear where they had each to convert a choosen car & turn it into a boat. Web search it, it sooo funny)

    Lets hope this little bugger gets through the worse and no doubt he'll be back on TV ASAP with the team taking the mick out of him


  • Oh i really hope you USA peeps can find this show online to watch. Its a riot

    Apparently The STIG was hamster's back up in case he backed out.
    It was reported in the papers (not sure how true it is) that his wife had asked him in the past not to do these mad stunts.

    As of today they are looking optomistic for his recovery.

    Brainiac was a brill show - Hammond has such passion for everything he does - He makes science fun because he believes it's fun!! I wonder how many kids he got into science and physics through watching this show. He kinda reminded me of my old Chemistry teacher at school, who incidentally looked liek a really short Jeremy Clarkson
  • The little man has real guts.

    His high point for me was the feature on Top Gear where he raced in a bobsled team against the Mitsubishi Evo.

    Low point has to be when they gave him the tea-time show on the TV.

    Hope he gets well soon.
  • Get well soon Hamster!! Hopefully he'll have a full and speedy recovery! Debate is currently going on whether the new series of TopGear should still be shown - I don't see why not, personally. I'm sure Richard Hammond would wish for the series to be shown still...
  • If it turns out to be true that James May bottled it, I am guessing he has mixed emotions right now.
  • They should continue to show Top Gear - Jeremy Clarkson in the paper today has said that they all have a pact that if one of them died they would just continue regardless.
  • Guys - have found some bits of the Top Gear show on you tube!!

    Caravan part 1

    YouTube - Top Gear - Caravan Trip Part 1

    Hammond Hypnotized

    YouTube - Top Gear - Richard Hammond Hypnotized

    Richard hammond races a firework

    YouTube - Brainiac Firework Racing
  • the hypnotised one cracks me up !

    Anyone know how the hamster is doing ?
  • Apparently Jim he's doing really well!!

    And a website have got ebough donations to get a new helicopter for the yorkshire air ambulance!!!

    Its gonna be called Hammsters Helli!!
  • Jane S STAFF said:
    Apparently Jim he's doing really well!!

    And a website have got ebough donations to get a new helicopter for the yorkshire air ambulance!!!

    Its gonna be called Hammsters Helli!!

    Kind of true there Jane.
    First off the website is the official site for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (I think). Apparently there is a Richard Hammond link on their where you can donate money to.
    According to the local news yesterday (I live in Yorkshire, near Leeds, by the way) they have so far raised something like £187,000 and a few hundred pounds, something like that anyway. With GiftAid that total rises to over £200,000. That's why they can get another Air Ambulance you see. We need it as, apparently, there was about 300 accidents last year that Air Ambulance couldn't reach because it was already called out somewhere else. So another makes sense, right?
    Also, regarding the amount raised, some guy donated £50,000 just himself as well, not like fund raising or loads of people, just one person.

    Regarding the naming, Hammonds Heli is a possibility. They have about three or four names that are along those lines, but they haven't decided on the name yet.

    Edit: The website to donate money to the Richard Hammond appeal is as follows: