Something I Don't Understand
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    My father is a hard working man. He's very strict and demands the best out of everyone. He wants to have a relationship with me, but he's not willing to make any effort. Needless to say when he's actually home his view on effort is exchanging critical remarks. It can't possibly be true that all girls marry men like their fathers, right? I hope my husband does not turn out like him... Or else he will never be able to stand me and I him.
  • Tiff is just like my dad in everything he does!! Even some things he says is like they have some psycic channelling thing going on!!

    It may seem your dad is being hard on you - but he is only standing up and looking out for his little girl - He's doing and acting like he thinks its best - I didnt always appreciate the parentals when i was growing up - But im so glad for all they did for me