Problem or Paronoia
  • Just a Query for all you PS2 experts out there. I find my PS2 is making a lot of strange whirring noises during some games ( Fifa 2001, The Bouncer). This does not happen however when playing Cd's or DVD's. Is this normal or do I have something wrong??

  • I'm going to have to say that's it's a little of both. It's normal to here whirring when playing games as it's the games getting scratched up. ummm...J/K. Ok, no it's the motor for the game drive so that it can spin so i would only be worried if the sounds that you hear now go away as then the motor is losing power and could go bad, and you wouldn't want that as you wouldn't be able to play games. Now, there's also a motor for the DVD and CD player area but they're much quieter than the other. Oh, also it could also be your fan in the back. You should make sure that you get the dust off of the vent as it'll get much louder and it could burn up the motor for that, risking the overheating of your system and not being able to game or watch DVDs. Well, I hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Fifa 2001, don't worry about it, the game is in a constant access of the data from the disk, so you will be hearing the CD/DVD drive unit seek and access all the game data and 'live' voice commentary as you play the game and passing the ball to your players, there are also many stats in the game as you play along and it needs to access the Game A.I. as it goes.

    BTW this type of disk access is called Game Streaming, where there are no load up times in the actual gameplay and the game is constantly loading from the disk as you play. Example is Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2, they use this method to make the game more fluent. The speed of the disk will vari from time to time, sounding like a whirlwind to a quite humming bird
  • I get that in most of my games anyway. Its not anything to be afraid of, its just loading and reading all the data on the CD. And thats a lot of data. So one less thing to worry about.:thumbsup:
  • Thanx Guys

  • also when watching DVD's there is a small bit of constant disc reading noise as the disc is being read as it is playing, much like a CD.