Using gameshark for ps2
  • I need help teaching my son how to use and install gameshark. He got it for Christmas and says it's no good!
    Please help me look like "Supermom" so I can teach him how to use it. :idea:
  • [b]Ok,"SuperMom",let's get to work! :) I'm going by the manual that comes with the GameShark 2 :read: (which I happened to find available for free download at the GameShark web site).

    First thing is put the GameShark 2 dongle into the memory card slot.Then put the GameShark 2 code disc into the PS2 and power up (if you're playing a PSOne game use the other disc provided for PSOne games-I see further on in the manual they say you'll need to buy the GameShark for PSOne to use codes not on that disc.To me that seems somewhat silly).

    You'll see a menu with 3 options:Start game,Select game and Options.Go to Select game and find the game that he wants to activate codes for and hit the X button.This brings up all the codes available on the disc for that game.

    You activate/deactivate each code by hitting the Triangle button-you should see a star symbol beside the codes that are active.Once you're done selecting codes push the Select button on the controller and highlight Game Select.Hit the Start button from there to go to the Start game menu.On here select the first option,"With Codes".It will then tell you to take out the GameShark 2 CD and put in the game disc.That should do it!
  • Wow, Lyndon pretty much hit it on the nose.
  • That about sums it up!! Welcome to the site Kasper!