Anybody Nose First Aid?
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    ow ow ow ow OW!!!!! My nose!OMG, that hurt. What hurt I hear you say? Well let me explain.First off, if you read my entry yesterday, you would've noticed me say that my 10 year old nephew was stopping this weekend from yesterday until tomorrow. Well he did and he is. That's where it begins.Anyway, he gets bored easily and always messes around, so we sometimes end up kind of play wrestling. Just pretending mind, nobody gets hurt...usually.
  • Havent broken my nose, so cant give you any advice other than to ring the National Heath Direct line and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.

    Best of luck and I hope you feel better soon.
  • Cheers for the NHS link, Jim. I should've thought of that really.
    It doesn't exactly explain it brilliantly though. Unfortunately it's more general. Trying searching for broken nose but just came up with broken bones, like I said, more general than the specifics I needed.
    Kind of freaks you out when you read what it says about broken bones though :o
    Might have to nip to the doctors on Monday if it's still saw (spelling?)
    Cheers again anyway Jim
  • You can give them a call and speak to a nurse who should be able to ehlp you find out if its broken.

    I am sure someone on the site has had a broken nose at some time and will chime in with a solution for you.
  • Is there any swelling? Does it look mishapen at all? Generally if you went to the hospital they cant usually do anything until the swelling goes down - Do you have a NHS walk in centre near you? If not NHS direst 0845 46 47 (i think) and if they arent much help (theyve never been much help when i have rang them) then go to your GP on monday morning. If nothing else he can prescribe painkillers and anti inflammatorys

    Feel better
  • Cheers for all the help and suggestions.

    I went to the Hospital on Saturday. Went to Minor Injuries and saw a nurse. She looked up my nose and made me breathe through one nostrel while holding the other, then again reversed.
    Took my Blood Pressure as well.
    She said it just looked swollen and probably wasn't broken, thank god. Have to go back Wednesday if it still hurts. Swelling should've gone down by then.

    Got a right black eye I have, all round the left side of my right eye (next to my nose). Looks horrible it does :(