Game shark vs. code breaker
  • which is better the gameshark or code breaker?
    i know im gannna buy one but is there a difference?
  • Personally, from the way my Gameshark has treated me you might want the code breaker.
  • game shark isnt that bad i have it but the only reason i dont like it is becasue i was playing gta 3 and i saved he game with all the codes on it and the stupid thing messed up all my scores like the criminal rating. oh well buy code breaker
  • I have a game shark , but i haven't had good luck. I haven't tried the code breaker yet so it's your pic now.
  • Hi all..before i got my ps2 i had a gameshark on my psx and it worked fine and dident have any problems.But not i got a ps2 and dont need it any more so i will try something new.what is a code braker can any one send a pix of it to me thanks
  • :D thanx :D