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    [drupal=33]20Mb or 60Mb?[/drupal]

    I want to know what do I have to win buying a PS3 60Mb version, instead of the 20Mb version. Is the velocity of chargement or only the space I can use for saving, or could it be because of the NET plays...
  • I think that this would a good article to do on the main website as many people like yourself are not sure which one to buy.

    Have a look here as there are some ideas to help your choice
  • sorry to be such a correctiony person but its gb not mb mb are for memory cards eg 8MB whereas ps3's have 20GB, 40GB, 60Gb, 80GB.... sorry but just to let you know
  • quality picture mate, oh yeah 40 gb one is good
  • the 60G is the only version 100% backwards compatible with ps1 And ps2 games : ) well worth it!
  • I thought the 20/40g were being discontinued?? Also i was told that the 80g was the only one that was compatible with ps1-2?? Bigger is better "i think" lol.......
  • No, it's the 60 and 20 that are being discontinued ;)

    They are trying to sell them as quick as they can so that they can put in the 40 and 80 gigabyte versions

    Both 20 and 40 gigabytes aren't compatible with the PS2 games
    Whereas the 60 and 80 aren't fully compatible with all PS2 titles yet

    All PS1 games are compatible with all PS3s

    From my experience, you have to update the software (firmware) to whatever is released...

    They'll tell you if it has Backward Compatibility in it so no worries :cool: there already are a lot of PS2 titles that are compatible with the PS3

    Hope this helped
  • shaddow said:
    ...there already are a lot of PS2 titles that are compatible with the PS3

    Hope this helped

    No good having a library of PS3 compatible PS2 games if you've got a 40GB PS3. Bit pointless really.

    I personally enjoy my 60GB PS3. I could do with upgrading the hard drive in it though :mellow:...
    ...especially when more and more fantastic games come out :o

    Grand Theft Auto IV, Burnout Paradise, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy 13, WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW 2009, FIFA 2009 etc, anyone? :D
  • One other correction there, shaddow- the 20 GB is fully compatible with PS2 games as it has the PS2 chipset inside, as did the 60 GB in Japan and North America.
  • You know Lyn, I'm not a Playstation genius like you.

    Okay I'm shutting up now :'(