That Monday feeling!
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    Well I've been to college this morning, obviously, and it started off pretty well.We filled in a couple of sheets and such.Had mid-morning coffee break.Then we were supposed to go on the computers. Couldn't go on them because the tutor hadn't booked them had she?Anyway, got to the end of lesson and she asked if anyone still hadn't got a work placement. Up went my hand.So I've got to find a placement in a school by next week else probably won't be able to continue on the course.
  • Let us know if you get a placement at a scholl Jay... we are all right behind you mate !
  • You know, with how bad everyone's claiming they need teachers, they don't seem to be taking any in. I don't get it.:confused:

    Anyway, sorry about your struggling there Jay, but keep your head up and remain hopeful. Sometimes the better jobs come just when you're not looking for them.:)
  • Ugh!! That sux bud - i really hope you find something soon!

    You would think schools would be glad of the help!!