I'll Get You For This Monday...
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    Garfield could not have said that more profoundly...although so far my Monday has been remotely allright. On the good side, I woke up today and called in for work so I have the whole day off.On the bad side, I'm actually calling in for a good reason. I'm sick...blegh. I've finally surrendered to everyone telling me I should go get it checked out. So what I did is I made an appointment at the Student Health Center here at school. Funny thing was, I went in there and began filling out paperwork and lo and behold!
  • A Bat?? - Thats quite halloweeny! I have some bat wings somewhere (dont ask :rolleyes: )
  • a bat isn't a pet oddy.:rolleyes:

    I'm restricted to these species of pets::confused:
    1. dog
    2. cat
    3. fish
    4. hamsters/mice
    5. birds
    6. bunnies
  • Mmmmm, Red as a Bunny :p

    I can just see the ears and the little white fluffy tail now.....
  • OK that is going a little too far? Next you'll be telling her to take part time work as one of THOSE bunnies :eek:
    Anyway, I don't see why you don't just dress up as the same kind of dog as your Avatar. Just think about it, you could have a picture taken and then post it on your blog alongside a copy of you Avatar and get people to guess which is which, lol :D
    Good luck with your costume anyways.