Results are in, It's Official: I'm..
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    Well for those of you folks whom have been following my blog all through me being's official. I went to the Health office today and got in to have the doctors look at me and say "well..your eyes are good, blood pressure is good, weight is healthy, height is good, female hormonal cycles are regular, nose is good, ears are clear, but then when they got to listening to my breathing they were like "okay.."
  • Whats a z pack - Ive never heard of those and am intrigued!!
  • Oh man, Bronchitis can be bad. Guess it's better than Asthma in a way. At least Bronchitis clears up wheras Asthma lasts possibly for you entire life in some cases.
    How you feeling now? Are the tablets working? I hope so.
    Anyway *hugs* from everyone here at your friendly neighbourhood APi :hug:
  • Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. Hopefully the medication will do its work and within a few days you will be back to normal.

    Get well soon. :flex: