People can be so...welll...kind
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    I can't believe the response I've got over the past few days to my recent Blogs.It seems we have such a variety of wonderful kind people here at APi. Now I know that sounds obvious, but take for example my ranting yesterday. Just going on about me not being able to get a job, how boring and useless is that? Yet I get about three or four replies, all from different people, wishing me luck and everything.
  • People use the term 'family' quite a bit about this place and its great to see that you are starting to see what they mean.
  • APi is most definately a "family" type of environment.:) That's what makes it so pleasant.

    Sorry to hear about your gramma Jay. She may not be doing too well, but usually seeing the people they care about most (their family) is just enough to brighten their days. My grandpa was really jazzed to see me when I came to visit him in the hospital.
  • Wow your auntie is 91!!! Thats great!! My great grandma was 96!!

    We have a lady who comes in work who is 94 and only takes paracetamol!! she is a riot!!

    I hope your auntie starts to feel much better soon - and when you go to see her im sure you will do her the world of good - I bet she is a tough lass!! My GG was - A few weeks after she had her hip replaced my dad caught her up a ladder changing curtains!!

    We are all here for you Jay - big happy family x x x x