how do i be cheeky?
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    [quote]So have had a 'chat' with the boss man about me pay rise seeing as im now a qualified technician. When i say chat he rang up and passed the info to me via someone else. Think he is scared of me arguing with him. Basically what ive been offered is a joke - At least
  • If I remember right, you said he was going to take you up to Glasgow for the exam ?

    If this is the case I would hold back until after you have passed the exam before you 'negotiate'. I think you will then be in a stronger position.

    In the mean time, why not contact some of the other places and let them know that you are taking your exam soon and ask if they have any places available in any of their stores within a reasonable distance of where you live.

    Worst case they all say no, best case you get a better job, or are in a very strong position for a better pay rise.
  • I can tell you in my experience, just because you've made a step up in qualification, that does not always lead to an immediate pay raise. Where I work, when someone qualifies for a higher position, they used to get an immediate raise. Even though they just qualified, they now made the same as people who did it for years. This did not sit well with some folks and others didn't really care. Now they have changed the policy, so that you gradually increase your pay over time. Sort of like "earning" it.

    If your current employer has been supportive of you increasing your qualifications (which I seem to think they have) then maybe give them the benefit of the doubt? Once you are fully qualified and have some time under your belt, then I would be more agressive about your wage. I'm sure you are a valued employee but sometimes folks have to pay their dues. Maybe that is the case here?

    A lot depends on if you are happy there too. Sometimes it is worth less pay to be happy, rather than being miserable for more. I would say practice some patience, but that is not always an easy thing regarding a career. It's important to stand up for yourself but do it without shooting yourself in the foot!

    I always say "Don't bite the hand that feeds" but you have to follow your own mind. Whatever you decide, wishing you the best of luck!
  • I've already told her to hold on until aftre the wedding as it's a job & money is coming in. The way your getting treated is a joke as I KNOW HOW DAMN GOOD YOU ARE!!!!

    I used to be the bread winner in our house, but with this new job of mine, in time Jane will be earning a lot more than me. Better hand back the trousers again in our releationship :(