A Much Better Day
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    So today I woke up after having slept through the whole entire night...without coughing, wheezing or anything. I woke up at 8:30 AM which is usually a very very VERY early time for me to wake up.So I woke up and decided that since I didn't have to leave for school till 10 AM that I would go outside and play with the dogs. I haven't been able to walk them/play with them too much as of lately because of my asthma/bronchitis acting up after rough housing with the puppy (Maddie). So I got up today and sure enough, there at the sliding glass door were my babies, Tifa and Maddie.
  • That's good to hear.
    Glad you're feeling a lot better.
    Isn't it weird how dogs instantly understand the word "Walk" or "Walkies"? My Yorkshire Terrier Toby, well technically my mums, is the same. If you say that to him he's like jumping about. He tries to grab the lead/leach as well. Almost like he tries to walk himself, lol :laugh:
    He's a little git sometimes though. Always starts yapping at 20:20 every week night. My mum works at the local hospital 5pm til 8pm you see. So at 8:20pm she's always sitting down eating her Tea (Dinner/ Evening Meal, whatever). Anyway, that's when he starts. And it's usually when I'm watching something on tv as well :mad:

    Anyway, as I was saying, glad you're feeling better now.