• i have a coupla questiones if any one out there knows the answers...

    1. when i look at the memory card slot i see the logo "magic gate".. the hell is that?

    2. what is that big gap or hole for in the back of my PS2?
    mod chips?

    3. why are game cd's different colors? white and blue?

    4. how can i hook up my PS2 to my stereo?

    5. i noticed that my PS2 has 10 squares on it for where u can lie it down and it won't get scratched but my friend's has 8...different versions of PS2?

    6. u know when u start ur PS2 and u see the strange blockbuildings or sumthin, some are black and some are gray? when i play my PS2 more they popup more and more of'em and when i don't play it they dissapear... is it jus me or has that happened to sum1 else?

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  • Ok, Magic Gate is the technology that Sony implemented on the PS2 to prtoect the game save data even more than the original PSX MCs. There's not much of a chance at all of a Sony PS2 MC deleting any of your saves. The hole in the back is an "expansion port" for where the HDD unit will fit and the little connection on the outside of the port is where the ethernet/broadband adapter will connect. The blue PS2 games are CDROM and the silver disks are DVDROM. DVD holds a whole heck of alot more data than a CD will hold giving you much more in a smaller space. If you're looking to utilize the surround sound of the PS2 then you will need an optical cable(about $19.99 Usd at a local store) and your receiver must be optical compatible which you'll know by the square connection on the back which you will also notice on the back of the PS2. If you just want to hear the PS2 through your stereo then just take the right and left audio connections from the basic AV cables and connect to one of the audio inputs on the back of your receiver. Change the receiver to that channel and fire up the PS2 and there you go. The amount of squares differ from system to system as mine has 5. It's not a different model, just depends on the mood of the person placing the squares on it. I'm not too familiar with what you're talking about but my guess is that this is a random event and doesn't change anything within the system itself. I'm sure it's just cosmetic and it'll be ok whether there's more or less. I think i answered all your questions but if you have anymore then feel free to ask as many as you need to and I or one of the other great members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • thank you!
    damn i bet u type fast!
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  • well it seems as if madhtr got most of ur questions except for the last one so here it is.

    Those blocks or boxes you see when u boot up ur PS2 is the contents on your memory card. the more saves u have the more boxes that appear on the boot screen. If u remove the memory card an restart your system u will notice that it goes back to it's regular 6 or 7 boxes.

    however on the jap version PS2 the more games u play the more blocks at the boot screen appear regardless of having a memory card present......