Over the hill
  • I've always been a firm believer that the older you get the wiser you grow. If nothing else it's something I've experienced with every year passed. And I'm pretty sure that most people with a couple of decades behind them will agree that they once thought they knew it all, only to realize, a couple years down the road, that they didn't know that much at all.

    Anyhow, this strong belief in knowledge-accumulation has been keeping me in the firm belief that one day I might just know pretty much everything about everything. And for quite a while I did infact collect knowledge about all sorts of stuff ranging from foreign politics to ancient languages, from mathematical implementations to turtles' nesting habits.

    Now all of a sudden I am begining to notice that I am no longer learning that much at all. This especially applies to cathegories that are dynamical by nature, such as fashion. I used to have a pretty good eye for what was "in" and what wasn't. Nowadays I don't. (I sometimes think I do, but my girlfriend tells me otherwise). I also lost most control over what persons runs which part of the world now adays, and yet I read the paper and watch thenews every day. My mind is declining in several other areas aswell, the other day I tried to teach my daughter what the trees names were and mistook an oak for a beech.

    Could it be so, that the old folks I once though were a bit slow in the head and then thought were to wise to argue with a stuck-up know-it-all kid, really were a bit ignorant?
    Sould it be I'll be going downhill mentaly from now on?
  • I'm sure you've got maybe a few good years left in you yet. Maybe a whole decade before you head that way, lol :D
    Seriously though, no person can know *everything*. Isn't there some kind of saying that goes some thing like "Somebody who thinks they know everything actually knows little at all". Not sure if that's exactly right, but something along those lines. There's always something to learn, usually taught to us older folk by the young uns.

    Although mistaking an Oak for a Beech is just plain wrong, when they look nothing a like :eek:
  • Now that the Internet is available just about everywhere, I feel that my capacity for learning is huge now in comparison to what it was a few years ago.

    Pretty much anything I need to know can be googled in seconds, whereas it would have taken hours and a lot of willpower to find the same information before.

    If being wise is all about being right all the time, then I think its one of those things that only ever really exists inside your own mind. What is very good for one person, may be very bad for another.

    Was it a wise thing to invade Iraq... depends on if you live there, are a soldier, a politician, what your religion is and an and on...
  • It's a very large world for one person to encapsulate. Theses days I'm simply trying to be a little more stress free. The cell phone doesn't have to be in arm's rerach at all times, readfy to answer in a flash.