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    [drupal=40]My nerves[/drupal]

    This evening I've been installing a wireless router. I went with the netGear after all, thanks for all the help I got though. As this entry proves the network finnaly work but boy was I close to hanging myself trying to get it up and running. I'm not gonna go into specifics but a combination of inexperience and missing scripts and my inherent aversion to manuals made this evening a test of my preserverance.
  • Well Done man! Good to hear you got this technology thing sorted, lol :laugh:
    And I have to say this, awww your little girls growing up. I'm sure everyone here will go along with this: Happy Birthday to her from us all here at APi.
    Now go buy her the most expensive toy you can find. Make sure you try really hard to find something super expensive as well, not just the first thing you come across, ok? :)
  • Haha manne you old coot!:D
    make sure you spoil your little girl rotten. (i know the day has already past, but I'm sure you'll spoil her rotten):rolleyes:
  • M! Glad to see you connected again! We sure miss your presence around here! Happy Birthday to Idde! I agree, you should spoil her rotten. It can't hurt to start building credit now for when you no longer know anything!;)

    As for you heading for "geezer" status, I'd like to personally welcome you in! I've got some old walkers and canes you can borrow anytime! Once you have more gray hairs than teeth, it's time to start taking Geritol!:eek:
  • He he, today I was asked to show identification while is was buying beer and tobacco (you have to be at least 18 years of age to do that) so I guess my appearance isn't quite up to date with my mental status. :D
  • Happy birthday to Idde!! Hope you all had a fantastic day!!

    Sorry to hear your past it now!! :eek: