Wii - Orders now taken for the UK
  • GAME & Gamestation have now been allocated there numbers for the UK Launch of the Nintendo Wii on 8th December. People who have there names down as part of the pre-order intrest are being contacted to get there order processed by securing there order with a
  • As far as I know, GAME haven't actually been allocated any definite numbers. That's why on their website GAME.co.uk it says that they can't guarantee numbers.
    Also, it only has bundles. You can't pre-order just the console which is a major bummer :(
  • 50 per store in the North East of England for GAME on date of release has been guaranteed. There not confiming or denying the game bundles only

    Gamestation will only state that a minimum of 35 - 40 per store if intrests are good over the weekend. Console only sale is available but in only small numbers (so they can get sales up with the bundles)

    PC World - in stores - will have them, but no comments on numbers. Online - as many as they can ship on the day of release that they will have in stock 2 days before release. They will sell console only in store & on-line.

    Me and Jane have discussed that when we have the wedding paid for (hopefully before Christmas) that I can buy one if the stock levels are good. The chances are that I may get one after the hype has died down & bargin for a better deal after viewing figures, just like what I did for the PSP & get it cheaper than anywhere else. Plus were having major work happening on the house in the next few weeks that could last up to 5 months & don't want baby dirty.
  • I'm sure Jane will happy to know that you're calling your Wii a 'baby'.
    Just make sure you don't try changing it's nappy, ok? Else she might be forced to call the guys in white coats to take you away :eek:
  • Hey Jason - if he wants this as a baby then it takes the pressure off me and his quest for a real baby!!!

    No no no he isnt having one - too much to pay for at the min, cars, honeymoon, flights, dress, suits, etc etc - you really dont want the boring stuff and the overdraft!!!
  • Well I guess it would be easier to look after than a real baby. Put it this way Jane, he's less likely to leave his Wii on a bus or at the supermarket? :laugh:
    Go on. Let him have one. Will keep him out of trouble. You'll be able to keep an eye on him better if he's at home playing on his Wii instead of out at night with his mates, lol :D
  • If he is out for the night i can

    a - eat what i want
    b - drink what i want
    c - watch any tv i want
    d - play on the consoles if i want
    e - go to bed when i want without being 'bothered'

    Anyone wanna take him off my hands for a few days :D
  • Tell you what. If you're THAT desperate to get rid of him for a few days then why not loan him out? You could advertise him on ebay or something. You never know you might get a couple of quid that go towards the cost of his 'baby' :laugh: