• If I do a 30% distance race (19 laps) I have asked for my fuel loads during practice and the first 2 qualifying sessions (eg 5 laps in each) - I have asked to start the race with 9 laps of fuel this automatically says that I have 9 laps of fuel to start the final qualifying session with but it always gives me about 28 laps of fuel - why does it do this? And how can I get what I want?
  • Can you tell me what format this is for? PS2 or the PSP?

    But on another note, it sounds like it may even be a bug in the program as I've tried it on the PS2 and instead of getting 28 laps of fuel I got 25. (Monaco track)

    There's also an FIA ruling in the real life race concerning minimum amount you can start a race with and the game is built around the F1 rules. I'll take another look at the ruling from a real race position as they may have based it on that.

    (response time 14hrs 10min)
  • It is in PS2 - What I dont understand is on the fuel set up screen it clearly says that you have selected to start final qually with e.g 9 laps of fuel
    If it makes you take more you have no time to burn that fuel off and get a decent lap time

    Thanks for info so far