• i'm on the edge of a nurves breakdown.

    there are 2 kinds of ps2 discs that i know of :
    the blue discs(purple-blue) and the white discs(silver-white).
    (the color is on the readble side of the disc not the picture).
    all my games are the blue kind and they working like a clock.
    today i bout a new game (ATV fury) and it is white.
    when i put it in, the console tried to read it for a while
    and then the massage was "read disc error".
    i took it out and i saw a round ugly scratch close to the iner circle.
    i tried other games(blue) and it worked.
    i went back to the store and got a new copy with no scratches on it, put it in... same story.
    now i have a game that dosn't run with a big scratch.
    can't get my money back, and not much paint left on the walls.

    i've chacked the writings on the discs it's the right zone
    and as the other games.

    please help.

  • I'm not quite sure why it would do this unless the PS2 was accidentally nudged or knocked over while reding the disks. If neither of these things happened while you had the game in then i'd have a talk with Son'y about your problem. If that still doesn't rsolve anything i'd recommend getting in touch with the company that created the game. Well, i hope that you get your problem fixed and then have fun gaming and enjoy posting.
  • You may want to get your PS2 looked at-I'm thinking the DVD lens (the white discs are DVDs)may be out of alignment on you.
  • There's really no reason that your PS2 could run only one kind of disk but not the other.
  • Lyndon hit the nail on the head there.
  • Are the problems occuring with CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (ieGT3) games?
  • Jarjar:

    This is the information provided by the SCEA website, hope it helps.

    PlayStation 2
    If you are experiencing PlayStation 2 software, Music CD, or DVD difficulty:

    If games begin to skip or freeze., you see no reaction whatsoever from a piece of software, or your music CDs or DVDs do not play properly, make sure the underside of the disc is clean. You can clean your discs using a dry, lint free cloth. We recommend small circular pads made specifically for cleaning discs. These are sold at most record or computer software stores. Please do not use other materials, such as paper towels or a T-shirt, as their abrasive nature may scratch the disc. If there are any scratches, smudges, or fingerprints on the disc, it may not function properly. If the disc still does not play correctly, please attempt to play them in another PlayStation 2 console if possible. This will help you determine if the problem lies with the software itself, or if the PlayStation 2 console may need repairs.

    The PlayStation 2 console plays back DVD videos as originally designed by the DVD video publisher. Some of the playback features of the console may not have been incorporated into the DVD video design. As a result some playback features may not be available with certain videos. Please refer to the instructions supplied with your DVD video for details. In rare instances, certain DVD videos may not operate properly with PlayStation 2. This is primarily due to variations in the manufacturing process or software encoding of the DVD video software. If you experience problems, try restarting your DVD video. If problems persist, for more information call the publisher of the DVD video or contact SCEA's customer service at 1-800-345-SONY (7669).

  • my ps2 was doing that too. It will starte doing that with everything. the bule, cds, and dvds. I took my back and got a new one. If you got the ps2 when it came out, it will most likly do that. You could call the 1-800 # that you should have I you ps2 book. they will most likly tell you to tack it back, but they should fix it for you. All you should do is pay for the shiping, One more thing if you do call the 1-800 # and you are useing any off barnds to not tell them that becouse the will make you pay for everything then.
  • The same thing happened to my friend a while back, only his PS2 would not read the blue disks. He exchanged it for a new PS2 and everything was perfect.