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    [drupal=43]Jury Duty Day[/drupal]

    Well folks, today was the day I had to report to serve on Jury Duty. So I reported....at 8:30 AM. I woke up at 7:00 so that I could get ready and let me tell you, I was stumbling every which way this morning trying to get myself ready. I got there in time to go through the security and then I waited for about 3 hours. At 11:30 the secretary told us that they had no more cases needing jurors...so I was home free.
  • That jury thing happened to my friend at work - but she had to go everyday for 2 weeks to durham court and every day after 6hours sitting there they told them all to go home.

    It seems like a real waste of time!!
  • Did you actually get inside of a courtroom Melinda ?
  • No I didn't.:( And truth be told, I actually wanted to. Just to see what it was like.:D