Lethals Locked-Out!
  • Hey all people, its Lethal here, hopefully you still remember me :P

    I have been pretty busy and tried getting back into the site, had problems and didnt have time to figure out what was wrong.

    Right now I cant use [email]lethal@absolute.ws[/email] or [email]ingurgitating.oblivion@hotmail.com[/email] to retreive my password. If someone could help me out so I can get back into the forums please!

    Thanks guys.

  • Your username has been changed from Lethal to Rob M STAFF.

    Use this new name with your old password and it should work.
  • Mike's right, lethal- the log in is now with username instead of e-mail address and all the Squad names have been changed to STAFF usernames. Do as he suggests with your same password as before and you should have no problem getting back in. (So much for the peace and quiet:p).