Noise and cant read DVD's game
  • Hai all, i am new member from indonesian.
    i have problem about my PS2, noise and cant read DVD's game, only CD's
    how to repair that,
    thanks all
    ( sorry my english not so good)
  • Hi there, from the sound of the "noise" I take it the discs inside the PS2 are spining really fast or does it sound like it is catching on something inside?

    Before you read any further try cleaning the lense using a DVD/CD cleaning disc?

    The CD's that you are reading are they audio music CD's or Playstation game CD's?

    One possible explanation is... (I will keep this a simple as possible) The PS2 actually has two different 'readers' inside of it, one for the DVD and one for the CD, so its possible that one fails and the other works fine.

    Sometimes the 'reader' is too close to the disc and can mark them, check your games and see if this has happened.

    If your PS3 is standing tall, then try lying it flat (but never while it is switched on and has a disk inside).

    It may also be a problem with the 'reader' arm which is responsible for moving the laser eye to its position on the disk. The fact that you can still play regular CD's makes this unlikely.

    After cleaning the lense, you can try adjusting it. Search for: adjust ps2 laser ...on Google (Warning - get this wrong and your PS2 will not read any kind of disks)

    You can replace the 'reader' if the PS2 is not still under warrenty. Search for: PS2 Replacement Laser ...on Google

    (response time 4hrs)