PS1 controller extentions
  • I want to get 2 mad catz 7ft. ps1 controller extentions for my ps2. will they work with the ps2? and does anyone know if they support the analog button feature or does that not work through the cable. The part # is MCB8005.

    also does anyone know of any ps2 controller extentions. If so where can you get them?
  • As you've probably already seen, the site says that it's for Playstation compatible controllers, as with the PS2 controllers. Since you can get these from your local shops, you can try them and if they don't suit you then you can return them. The only problem that i could see with the extensions are the pressure sensitivity feature of the PS2 controllers. I would test this when you first get the extensions and if this doesn't work i'd check for first party extensions. I hope that this was helpful to you.
  • Thanks Madhtr.

    That is the only thing that i think may not work, the pressure sensitive buttons on the ps2 controller
  • Use this little rule of thumb.
  • [b]I have 2 third party (joytech) joypad extensions for my PSX that was bought 3 years ago and they work very well with my PS2, all functions working
  • my old multi-tap and dualshock controller for my ps1 works just great for ps2 so now i have like 5 controllers!! but i'm gonna sell my old playstation that's only 2 months old with controllers and stuff.out with the old and in with the new